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     Choosing RockIT Computer Services to repair your phone is the smart choice. Unlike other repair shops that use inexpensive and lower quality components we use only premium replacement parts. All our screen replacements come with a lifetime part warranty. Sure, we’re not the cheapest repair center, but the few dollars more you spend goes towards a better-quality repair and supporting your local shop.

     We carry replacement screens and batteries for current iPhone models. Along with replacement parts we have a selection of tempered glass and liquid glass screen protection as well as Apple Certified phone and car chargers along and rugged iPhone cases.  Below is our flat rate repair pricing for your iPhone repair needs. We also fix other parts of your phone, such as your charging port or headphone jack. Stop in and speak to us about repairing your device today. 

  • iPhone 6/6 Plus

    iPhone 6 Screen Repair                  89.99

    iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair           89.99

    iPhone 6 New Battery Install          49.99

    iPhone 6 Plus New Battery Install   49.99

  • iPhone 6S/6S Plus

    iPhone 6S Screen Repair              109.99

    iPhone 6S Plus Screen Repair       109.99

    iPhone 6S New Battery Install        49.99

    iPhone 6S Plus New Battery Install 49.99

  • iPhone 7/7 Plus

    iPhone 7 Screen Repair                129.99

    iPhone 7 Plus Screen Repair         129.99

    iPhone 7 New Battery Install          49.99

    iPhone 7 Plus New Battery Install   49.99

  • iPhone 8/8 Plus

    iPhone 8 Screen Repair                139.99

    iPhone 8 Plus Screen Repair         139.99

    iPhone 8 New Battery Install          69.99

    iPhone 8 Plus New Battery Install   69.99


     Call today to speak with one of our repair technicians. Let us get your device back up and running today while you wait!



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