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A modern Backup Strategy That Starts With Your Data

By automatically protecting company data at its source you can:

Mitigate Risk


Secure your data with confidence using endpoint backup built to assure enterprise continuity and multi option encryption.

Streamline Work


Ease the burden of manual IT processes by streamlining backup, monitoring and restoration through automation. 

Grab Control


Manage your endpoint backup strategy and policies with greater data restoration ability and control.

Focus on security

     We are focused on data security and protection for good reasons. With roughly 500 times more data stored on a single device than a decade ago, the power to do more is exponential—and the risk of data loss is amplified. 

With RockIT Computers, customers are assured that:

  • Data stays in the location the customer intended and is compliant with data export laws. It is not replicated to any other location without the knowledge of the customer.

  • All data is encrypted at the source using AES 256-bit encryption, transmitted in an encrypted tunnel and encrypted at rest. Decryption is strictly controlled by authorized, authenticated customer access.

  • As mandated under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), whenever a contract is awarded where the contractor provides functions, activities or services involving the use and/or disclosure of protected health information (PHI), Code42 can execute Business Associate Agreements (BAA) and provide guidance on deploying our software in a HIPAA- supported manner.

  • Our secure cloud deployments enable archive encryption key storage on-premises (i.e., private passwords are stored at the customer’s location), not in our data center. Privately held encryption keys render data completely useless in the event of a security breach during transmission or storage within our data centers.

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