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Managed Services

     We are a managed services provider. That means we plan, implement and support the IT infrastructure and applications that your business needs to survive and grow.

     Managed services addresses the need for a new generation of support services by providing higher-value, proactive support that helps improve the availability and stability of IT infrastructure. Managed services can cover your entire network with proactive services designed to help prevent problems before they occur and to resolve problems rapidly when they do occur. This service gives you benefits to help ensure your IT infrastructure remains stable and reliable.

Preventative Support Delivers Real Value


Reduction in downtime


Hours saved per year with health monitoring and proactive health checks


Months average payback period

Help Desk

     RockIT can answer every support call for your organization.We can provide elevated real time remote assitance or basic telephone/email support. Whatever you need, we are here to help.

Remote Assistance

   Our remote support team can troubleshoot and resolve issues through our remote management and support portal. Resolve issues faster without having to wait for a technician to arrive at your business.

Proactive Management

     Our Proactive Management and Maintenance plan gives you a set it and forget it maintenance routine for your workstations and servers. We handle the routine maintenance, antivirus, and security patches and updates.  

Server Backup and Recovery

    50% of businesses close their doors following a total data loss event. RockIT recovery solutions ensures your data is safely and automatically backed up to an offsite data facility, and it ensures your data can be restored in a matter of hours.

Security and Compliance

     Information Technology faces countless regulations (HIPAA, PCI, etc.) across various industries, and we have the expertise to ensure your business is secure, compliant, and safe from outside threats and regulatory agency penalties

Hosted Email Solutions

      Secure Hosted email is the easy, effective, and affordable option for businesses that need reliable email service, but don't want to pay for expensive equipment and a full-time IT staff. 

Antivirus Solutions

      Our integrated antivirus solution offers you greater protection against viruses and spyware as a first level of protection. As part of our remote management we actively scan and remediate any issues as they occur. 

Cloud Managed Network

     We provide clients with cloud based managed network solutions. Upgrade Firmware, Change network settings, setup guest wireless, change passwords can all be done remotely without ever having to step foot onsite. 

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