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Providing HIPAA compliant IT support for your practice.

Providing HIPAA compliant IT support for your practice.

          One of the major challenges for any Dental or Healthcare provider is running an efficient and profitable practice. With over 30 years experience, RockIT Computer Services offers an array of service and support options to keep your office running a smoothly as possible, with little down time. 

RockIT Computer Services HIPAA Compliant Services:

HIPAA Compliance: Unlike the vast majority of IT providers, we are a HIPAA compliant company. We're able to sign the federally required Business Associate Agreements to service and support Dental and Healthcare practices. Most providers don't even know about the paperwork that has to be in place to even walk into your office. We help monitor and maintain your computer systems and remote backups securely and within the laws regarding your practice. We also do HIPAA training for business owners and practice managers like the course we taught at the 2018 NODC Conference. Protect your practice by scheduling a one on one appointment to discuss HIPAA in your workplace today.  

Service and Support Agreements: Don't get stuck in another long term agreement again. We offer month-to-month service agreements to our clients. We will actively monitor and maintain your computer systems before, during, and after office hours to ensure that your systems are running like they should be. We also handle all of the daily and preventive maintenance, such as windows and third party updates, on your computer systems on a weekly basis without having to schedule an appointment with your office manager. We include managed antivirus with every managed system so you don't have to worry about viruses getting onto your workstations and operatory computers. 

Remote Backups: HIPAA strongly encourages a backup and disaster recovery plan for your data. We offer flat rate, all you can consume, pricing for backing up your server. When you backup your data with us it goes to our local, secure, facility, and is protected with asymmetrical encryption. We monitor and maintain your backups and make sure that your practice data and patient imaging files are being protected.

Servers and Workstations: We offer server and workstation leasing for our Dental and Healthcare practices. With our leasing plan you are able to swap out all of your aging equipment and pay a low monthly fee instead of a large up front cost every few years. This allows our clients to have a predictable bill every month so that they can properly budget their needed IT expenditures.

Dental Expertise: With over 30 years of combined experience in the Dental IT field, we have been around a lot of Dental and Healthcare offices. We handle all major practice management solutions and have worked with a variety of different sensors, intraoral cameras, and Panorex machines. We understand what you need to keep your practice running and always have technicians available to help you as soon as you have an issue. Give us a call today and we will go over all of your needs so that you can stay focused on what you do best, and not have to worry about your IT infrastructure from here on out. 

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